Saturday, November 17, 2012

A few Books for Reluctant Readers

I have a very reluctant reader in my household.  He has Dyslexia which makes it difficult for him to read.  Over the years he has become more and more reluctant to read.  He wants to read but it is so difficult for him that he shies away from it.  A few years ago these awesome "graphic novels" came out and he has loved them.  They have pictures and the words are large-type making it easier for him to read and comprehend the story.  While he is in the 7th grade he loves to read these because for him they are "easy readers".

There is also the Big Nate Series:  My son loves these books too.

For girls, we have found these books quite enjoyable!

We also enjoyed the Bad Kitty series.

All these books come in a Kindle edition too.  We have a Toshiba tablet and the kids enjoy reading them on the tablet too, through the Kindle app.  I think they enjoy reading on the tablet or ipod because they are using a fun tool to read through.  It makes it more motivating for them to read.  Anything to get them reading.  These would make excellent Christmas/Hanukkah presents this year.

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