Saturday, October 4, 2008

So much to do so little time...

Isn't that the story of my life?!?!!! I sit upon this weekend like there are so many weekends before my deadlines. Well this is actually the ONLY weekend before my big deadlines. Where to start???

Okay, next weekend is the craft show at the River. For that I need to have completed, the fleece blankets I have been making. I have three or four left to do. Then I have a bunch of fleece tugs (dog toys) to finish for this too, as well as a bunch of dog treats. Then I need to make some more hair ribbons, cards, and maybe I will throw in some apple butter too.

Then, the following Monday I have a deadline for sending the samples to New York City. I can't work on them next weekend because I have the craft show and will be at the river. So I can only get them done before I leave on Friday. Which actually moves that deadline up to sometime before Friday. UGH.

AND on top of it all we just went apple picking (beautiful day, fun for all and lots of apples) and I now sit staring at 125 lbs (yes you read that right) of beautiful apples just waiting to have something done with them. They can sit for a week in the bags but they really need to be worked on this week and made into apple pies to freeze, apple butter, apple sauce, and anything else "apple" I can think of. Hmmmm...they are delicious though!

So where to start, where to start??? I think I will begin by finishing up the fleece blankets, begin the dog treat tomorrow and in the process of them cooking, I will get the laundry done and work on the hair ribbons and the dog tugs.

I don't see much sleep in my future anytime soon! Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Big Break!

Well, here it is. The Etsy store is up and running and Annabelle is jumping for joy because she smells dog treats cooking in the oven and she sees daddy taking pictures of her favorite toys.

I didn't have the store up for a day and I got an offer to put my treats in the goodie bags for a dog event in New York City!!! Yes, I am making samples to put in goodie bags for 150 people. This may be a big break for me!

I just posted my fleece dog toys also tonight so go over there and check it out. Buy something would ya???