Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Emergency Kit for Kids Traveling This Summer

My teenagers are going on a mission trip this summer with our church.  Along with the required items that the church organization asks them to bring (raincoat, water bottle, sun screen, etc), I want to send them with a small first aid kit personalized for them.  I want it small enough for them to toss in their backpacks, not take up too much room, and not add too much weight or bulk.

Here is a list of items I will be including in their kits.
  • Band-aids of different sizes
  • Neosporin Spray
  • Nail file, nail clippers, tweezers
  • Bandana and safety pin (clean cloth for wound care or as a sling if needed)
  • Advil
  • Allergy medication (for my daughter)

It is not much but it will all fit nicely in a small bag (you can put it all in a ziploc bag if you want).

I am also sending the following with them:
  • flash light (a small one with a wrist handle)
  • Hand sanitizer (this won't go in their first aid kit but will float in their backpack as they will need it available more often than their first aid kit)
  • a few snacks (my daughter is a picky eater so she wants to pack some pop-tarts, breakfast bars, and cheese crackers with her)
They are flying so the first aid kit will be in their backpacks while they fly.  The snacks and sunscreen will be packed in their suitcases which will be checked at the airport.  Nothing will be more than an ounce so they shouldn't have any trouble getting it through security.

My son has a small bag of bandaids and antiseptic spray in his baseball bag and  a larger kit in his car.  While his baseball team coaches have a kit they keep with them, my son tends to use his own band-aids from his bag and his friends have from time to time asked him for stuff too.  He likes the independence he has with his own stuff.  He knows his band-aids are the kind he likes and will work for him.  Again, this truly is about independence and lack of worry.  They know that in that bag is a little bit of love that mom packed and when they need a bandaid they might feel a bit of comfort from home.