Friday, August 14, 2009

And today I made those Covered Pens.

I bought a package of pens with the clear center and filled it with scrapbook paper. I used size 1 inch by 3 inch paper. I rolled the paper up and inserted it into the tube. I think they turned out GREAT. But you tell me what you think.
Would you buy one for 50 cents??
Don't forget to enter for the give away in the entry two posts down. Deadline is August 16th.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Paper Clamp Angels

I couldn't wait to try these paper clamp angels. They turned out so cute and it is so super quick to do. I would totally recommend making these for Christmas gifts either for a tag decoration on a gift or make a few for your coworkers or neighbors.

Not only will they work as Christmas gifts but also for first communion, baptism, or for a newborn or shower gift for a baby. Of course it is not a toy but the mom could hang it over the baby's crib or in their room.

If you want some and are not ambitious enough to make them yourself, I would be happy to sell you some. I am thinking a $1 a piece. Leave me a comment with your contact info and I will get in touch with you.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can we start talking about Christmas yet?

I know that the stores don't have the Christmas decorations up just yet but I think I need to begin thinking about Christmas presents and decorations and such. This year will be a lean year in our household. The economy has decreased our household income by almost 50%. So I have begun to think about who I will be buying for and who will appreciate handmade gifts. I have begun making my lists and checking it twice (laugh) and assigning projects and gifts.
I was blog hopping today and found this blog: It is so cute and has a great many easy projects. One of the things I like about this site is that it has a difficulty factor with each project.

Here are a few I love!

Beaded Angel: Check this out. I will be making a ton of these (going out today to get the supplies for it and will be working on them tonight). How easy are they??? I am thinking that these will be nice gifts for my co-workers, as gift tag decorations, for kids to make for their teachers and perhaps to sell at the next craft show I am doing.

I found these through a link from AMR that Nicole posted and love these little clothespin magnets. I am thinking that these will also be fun to make and sell as well as for little gifts. I want to make my girls bulletin boards for their room and if I use some metal frames for them they can use these magnets too.
And what about this idea? I love the idea of putting scrapbook paper in a tube of a pen. You could do Christmas paper and give as a gift. You could do fun paper and they can be a great first day of school gift to the kid going off to middle or high school. OR for the teacher, just make it a RED pen (laugh). Oh, I think I need to make some of these too!!!

So, what are you making for Christmas gifts? Leave me a link to your blog with the ideas you have or leave your ideas in my comments, but I will tell you I can learn best from a picture!!!
You leave me a comment with some ideas or other sites that I can go to for more great homemade stuff no later than August 16th at 6pm eastern time, and I will put everyone's name in a hat and get one of my kids to pull it out and I will send you a goodie.