Monday, July 28, 2008

What are you working on?

I have been busy working on my Disney album and making knitted dishcloths. I also made a cute shopping bag. It was crocheted and came together nicely in a couple hours. I think it took me about 3 hours to make start to finish. I am pleased with it but thought it might be a bit bigger.

I have also been thinking about signing up for a few more craft shows this fall. I have an email into one place and hope to hear from them soon. It is a "judged" event so they have to approve my craft before allowing me to sell.

I have only a few more days vacation before back to work for me. So with my precious few days I want to make the most of them and get my Disney album done, done, done!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have officially signed up as a Creative Memories Consultant. I had let my status lapse last year and had mainly used it to purchase supplies and items for personal use.

I have attached a link here: My CM Website

...and on the sidebar. No, I am not going to stop making cards for my Etsy site but this will give you, my readers an opportunity to purchase CM products directly from my website and have it sent directly to you.

May I suggest:

1. If you need to organize your photos: the Power Sort Box, or the Power Sort Mini Box.

2. If you are more into digital Scrapbooking: the FREE StoryBook Creator Software! And then once you create a book upload it for printing! Or send it to others through email and they can view it on their computer for free!

3. If you are a traditional scrapper: the bundles, which save you a bunch of money.

4. If you LOVE Disney try this: the albums, the bundle and the punch!

5. If you have no time but love kits try these!

Check out the awesome mini catalog with all the new products in it.

Thanks for looking and enjoy shopping!!! I am happy to answer any questions you have.

Oh, if you haven't heard yet. All the CM 12X12 albums are now true 12 inches by 12 inches!!! Check them out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Hairbows

Yup, that is what I have been working on. They are ribbons on ponytail holders and look so super cute on a ponytail. I have posted these two in my etsy shop and have several more in many different colors and styles.

I have sold two more card sets this past week, not through my etsy store which I am a bit disappointed but from showing them around and them seeing them in person. I think you just have to see the cards to appreciate them. My pictures do not do them justice in the store. I am slowly working toward the Labor Day craft show at the campground again. I will be working on more hairbows and hair ribbons for that as it was a big seller. I will also be working on more card sets, and plan to enter a craft show in the fall here in town. I just hope that I will have enough stock to handle it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

My New Etsy Shop

Okay, I did it!! I am official now. I have posted a new store at Etsy. Here is the link: Whitney's Cards & Gifts

I have posted a bunch of card sets and will be posting my hair bows soon. If you have special orders or see something you like but want another color, contact me through the store.

I think this will be fun!!

Craft Show Cards

I signed up to be in a craft show this past weekend. I did pretty well, came out with $100 in my pocket to fuel my paper addiction!! I had made individual cards like these:

And card sets of four:

And hair bows! I made these last year and had intended to sell them on line and at a local shop. I never got around to it and so Kenneth suggested that I take them with us and see if they sell. He made the peg board display for me and they sold like gangbusters!

And I also sold my zucchini relish (tastes just like pickle relish). I sold all but two jars and those I gave to my mom when she came by.

The individual cards didn't sell as well as I would have thought and I probably won't put these out next time. The card sets are the way to go as well as the hair bows. That is where I made most of my money. I actually got a couple orders for a few card sets too!

Well, now I have a bunch of cards left over and card sets. So I am officially opening an etsy store to sell my wares!! Card sets are $10-$12.50 and hairbows are $4.50 each! Once I get it all up an running I will post a link to the etsy site. I am signed up for another craft show Labor Day weekend too and plan to do a few more in the fall.