Monday, July 7, 2008

Craft Show Cards

I signed up to be in a craft show this past weekend. I did pretty well, came out with $100 in my pocket to fuel my paper addiction!! I had made individual cards like these:

And card sets of four:

And hair bows! I made these last year and had intended to sell them on line and at a local shop. I never got around to it and so Kenneth suggested that I take them with us and see if they sell. He made the peg board display for me and they sold like gangbusters!

And I also sold my zucchini relish (tastes just like pickle relish). I sold all but two jars and those I gave to my mom when she came by.

The individual cards didn't sell as well as I would have thought and I probably won't put these out next time. The card sets are the way to go as well as the hair bows. That is where I made most of my money. I actually got a couple orders for a few card sets too!

Well, now I have a bunch of cards left over and card sets. So I am officially opening an etsy store to sell my wares!! Card sets are $10-$12.50 and hairbows are $4.50 each! Once I get it all up an running I will post a link to the etsy site. I am signed up for another craft show Labor Day weekend too and plan to do a few more in the fall.

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  1. Good for you! $100 is great for a craft show in a camp ground :)