Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Daily Online Routine

In my daily online routine I scan a few sites. The first on I go to every morning is Peachy Cheap. If you have never been then I suggest you go if you are a scrapbooker or a paper crafter. They have a daily deal and have great prices on the product (s) they feature daily. So I went to that site this morning and this is what I saw:

It is the Daily Grind kit from Fancy Pants. AND the bonus is that it is ONLY $5.99!!! So hurry over there and grab yourself one!!
The second place I go is the AMR message board! I check in with all my friends there and see what they are doing, what news they have, etc. I love this group of fun, caring, talented group. Check us out! All Moments Remembered.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am so ready...

for summer. The kids get out of school for the year on Friday and I have so many projects I want to do. BUT I still have school until June 30th. I am not feeling good about being at work and the kids being out of school without me. Not that I think that they will be injured or anything. I am just plain jealous. Okay, there, I said it, I am jealous! I want to be home too and it isn't fair.

I know that the end of the month will come quickly and I will have my measly month off of work. But right now I am stewing in jealousy.

I haven't been very crafty recently. I have sewed on all my daughter's Brownie patches on her vest. I have made two and a half baby blankets in the granny square pattern. They are really cute and they are mindless. I have thought about cleaning off my scrap table, which desperitely needs to be done but not feeling the mojo there at all. I don't think that I have 'moved on' from scrapbooking but I think I just need a bit of a break. It has been almost three months though and I am getting a bit worried.

So help me out my oh, two readers here, how long have you gone without scrapping? Should I be worried?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Isn't this cute?

Two birthdays in 4 days!

Here are the birthday cakes that I made for the parties.

One was a Luau and the other was a jungle theme party and the cake is a monkey.