Sunday, February 21, 2016

Moving Week! How to Move and Homeschool at the Same Time.... Aaaak!

Wow.  Moving week has come quickly. We have been moving boxes since last Wednesday but we still have a lot to tackle! My husband will be working some this week and he won't be able to help pack the rest of the house and get everything ready for our big move on Friday. We intended to do this move on our own but when it came down to it, my husband didn't want to have to worry about lifting all the heavy furniture and such so we hired a moving company to help out.  They come on Friday.  We want to have it all packed by Friday to save a bit of money and not have the moving company have to help pack.

We also have some other things on our plate.  Monday evening we are having dinner with family.  Sunday, two of the kids have the State Championships for Indoor Archery.  That is an all day event and we are missing church and the kids are missing confirmation class.  Because they have an upcoming competition, they need some good practice time.  We are hoping for at least 4 days of practice at least 1 1/2 hours long.  The closest indoor range is about 30 minutes away.  This means with travel that is a 2 1/2 hour ordeal and really it is more like a 3 hour ordeal 4 times this week. Wednesday, they will practice with their coach and that will most likely be a 2 hour practice.  I am exhausted just thinking about this all.

Practice, dinner out with family, make up for confirmation class, and packing the rest of the house doesn't leave a whole lot of time for school this week.  Instead of declaring it a week long holiday I created a packet of review work for each of them.  They can work on it in the car to and from practice as well as work on it in the evenings or any time they have a few moments.  The work is all review so they won't need much help from me and they can do it independently.  This way I can focus on our business work, shuttling them to and from the archery range and finish packing the house.

I know next week will be a week of searching for every single thing that I need in boxes at the new house so we might need another week of review too.  I am packing the materials I need readily in one box.  Hopefully it won't get lost and we can quickly get organized for next week too.  Thinking about it now, I think I will just plan next week now and get the materials together for their second week of "review" just in case we need it.

Sometimes I amaze myself at how "smart" I am!  Ha ha ha.   Wish me luck!  :)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fat Tuesday

Or in some churches Shrove Tuesday.  Or in other churches (or even the same churches), Pancake Tuesday.

In our church we "celebrate" with a Pancake Dinner.  Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  So today is the day to pack ourselves stuffed with, well, uh, pancakes before we do something serious tomorrow.

I usually give something up.  I don't always make it all the way through Lent though.  Some years I don't give anything up.  Some years I add something instead of give something up.

This year I am giving up sodas.  I have wanted to kick the Diet Coke habit for a while.  I don't necessarily call it a habit though.  I only have one or two a day and I can live without them.  I just really like the taste and particularly when I am eating certain foods, like pancakes (no, I am not kidding). So this year I decided to give it up.  We will see how well I do but I am not sweating it.  According to me, Jesus would like to see me happy and healthy.  I am that.

I am giving up Diet Cokes mainly because I want to begin to cut my daily caffeine down.  I am hoping it will help with sleep and actually give me more natural energy.  Again, we will see.  I also don't like reading about how diet sodas actually make you more hungry, mess with your sugar and insulin levels, and eat your stomach lining.  I don't have problems with the last two but would like to see about the first one.

I actually stopped drinking sodas on Sunday so I am already two days into my "no soda" experiment.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


We are moving......again.  This time it will be a much better home for us.  While it only has 3 bedrooms and we would prefer 4, it has plenty of space for our family, AND it comes with a bonus.  A separate 2 car garage that my husband can keep his business equipment in.  We will split the rent of this place between our personal finances and the business finances.

If we don't move we will have to rent a place for my husband's business.  This way we can run the business out of the house with no problem.  This means my husband will be home more.

To fill you all in, back in October we purchased another lawn service business.  We integrated it into our existing business and it is bringing in about $12,000 of additional profit a year. This helps a lot.

Right now we are regularly servicing about 120 customers with lawn maintenance.  We have about 500 total customers who use our services from time to time throughout the year but aren't on any regular maintenance plan.  We will also be hiring another full time worker making our full time employee total 2 and will use our son as part time help as well.

Back to the move.  We love this new house because it has a ton of storage.  It has a huge unfinished space that we will use as attic storage, a two car attached garage with additional storage area in there, a separate two car garage with full attic storage above that. The master bedroom is on the first floor and the kids' bedrooms are upstairs giving us some separation.  Funny, a few years ago we were all living on top of each other in a travel trailer and having little problems.  Now we are seeking out separation.  LOL  I think it is just because they are teenagers.

The two girls will share a bedroom.  It should be interesting to see how that goes.  Right now they are in each other's rooms all the time but I know they do like their own rooms and their own privacy too.

We move the end of the month and then will clean our condo and get it ready to rent again.  The lease isn't up until the end of July but we are hoping that they will be able to rent it before then and we won't have to pay two rents for the next 5 months. Yikes!

We will be moving to "the country".  We will be surrounded on three sides by cow pasture.  We won't have any neighbors in shouting distance.  The kids can shoot their bows and arrows, play outside, and have privacy to be kids again (even though they are teens).  The house has a huge deck and a paved basketball area with a hoop.

I will have space for a garden again!  I have already begun thinking about how big I want it and what I am going to plant.

With the additional storage space and large pantry and attached garage we will be able to stock back up on our food storage and our emergency storage.

Did I mention that big bathtub in the master bathroom? Yeah, I will be spending some time in there.  I haven't had a good bathtub in YEARS!  I am looking forward to that too!

The one thing that I won't have is a space for crafts.  I am not quite sure where I will carve out a little space for my quilting, sewing and scrapbook stuff, but I am sure there will be somewhere.