Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some spooky cards and more for the Craft Show!!

First, I made some cards for the craft show. I kinda hope they don't sell so that I can send them so some friends. Or, I will just have to make some more!

And, now for some fun little guys. These were so much fun to make. I will be selling them also at the craft show for $1 each. Aren't they just as cute as could be? It was a bit odd making them. I would put their "hair" on first and then glue on the eyes and nose. Then take my slick marker and I would start the mouth and each one would appear and I would then draw it. They each have little personalities. Funny how something so little and insignificant would gain so much personality with a few googlie eyes and a mouth.

I will definitely be making them again. The foam balls came in a box that also included the googlie eyes. I used multi-colored feathers and pom pom noses. Very much fun and they didn't cost anything hardly to make. I think they will sell very well being the weekend before school starts. The pencils can be used just fine and the heads aren't that heavy as to throw off any handwriting.

Sorry the picture is so poor. My camera was running out of juice. It is charging now so check back for more pictures of everything that I will be selling.

So let's list all that I will be selling this weekend.
1. Pencil buddies ($1 each)
2. Note card sets ($10 each set of 4)
3. Hair Ribbons ($2.50 each) - I might up the price to $3.00 so I don't have to make change.
4. Foamie frame kits for kids ($1 each)

Okay, off to make some hair ribbons! I have a bunch to make and so little time!!

I forgot to tell you, check back in the next day or so. I made a very cute crocheted froggie yesterday. He is very much fun! I will post a picture of him tomorrow when my camera charges.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And one more Layout for you

Well just a page but it is still Disney. I have one more day of Disney to go and I am done. Whew. Just in time for our next trip!

The pictures are washed out a bit. I really need to work on my picture taking skills!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Some more interactive Layouts!

Here is my first layout for tonight. It is of our Disney trip and the pictures were taken while we were in Downtown Disney. It is pretty basic but I like the simplicity of the page and the bright colors. The "look" was cut with the cricut and the cardstock and paper is Creative Memories.

This next layout is fun. I love the interactive element at the bottom of the left side. It flips up and there are two other photos inside.

Detail of the photo folder. I completed the page and then put the page protector on and then I use an Xacto knife and cut around the flip up photo. It works perfectly!!
This is the detail of the right hand side. (note to self-remember to take a picture of the layout before you put the page protector on)

I love these photos because the kids are just being themselves. Having fun with each other. They truly are the best of friends.

Above, I cut with the Xacto knife around one of the flowers on the page and tucked the photo under it. Then I stuck a button in the middle of the flower.

Thanks so much for looking!!

This is some cool mini accordian album!!

Check this album out. It is so super cool. I need to get my hands on one or figure out how to make it!

How awesome is that??? I found the link with directions on how to make it. I think I will have to try one tonight!!!

Here is the link:

So very very cool! I love that the internet allows us not so creative cats to find how to make or do anything! Thanks for the directions Scarletlime!!

Stay tuned because I will be posting a new layout I did last night this afternoon, so be sure to stop back by before you go to bed!! I promise it will be fun to see.

**I have to say I am liking the interactive page elements I have been incorporating into my pages. I have been learning some new techniques and playing with some items I hadn't ever thought of playing with before. So much fun!**

Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun new Layout!

SO, I am still working on my Disney album but am almost done. I have two more days of funfilled Disney to go and then I am back in 2004 summer.

Here is a new layout I did for the album that I am specially proud of. I love it because it is a folded page. I saw this idea from a friend of mine's album but didn't have the same supplies that she did so I just worked it the best I could. She used a 12x12 folder and since I didn't have one I fashioned two sheets of cardstock together.

I love the fact that the title is on both pages. I also love that my son's face is peeking out from the bottom page.
Tab for opening the page.

Here is the inside of the page.

A letter to my family. I wrote them a letter about how I felt about the trip we took here.

The letter inside.

Above is another layout that I did last night. It is of our meal at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant in Downtown Disney.

Now, check out in the entry below the poncho I made my daughter for her birthday. Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Very busy!

This is the most recent creation. I made this for my daughter's birthday. It is the Martha Stewart Coming Home poncho pattern from Lion Brand but I didn't do the last three rows to make the big frilly shells on the edges. I just did the first row to give it a bit of a scalloped edge. I think it looks great and it fits very nicely. I am now making another one in green for my other daughter. My son has put in his order for a new knitted sweater. His other one is now too small. My daughter wants buttons on her cardigan that I made her last year. So I need to put some buttons on it. I have just been lazy.

In the scrapbooking world, I went to a great workshop the other night and really enjoyed myself. I learned a bunch of fancy techniques which I will probably never use again but those techniques will at least be on those pages I made. I just need to now make the rest of the pages and get the pictures to put on them, developed.
Last weekend was another craft show at our campground. I sold a bunch of hairbows again. It was interesting because people didn't buy just one they bought 4 or 5 at a time. I made a bit over $100. I felt so sorry for this one older woman who had some really nice crocheted items, baby blankets, dish cloths, potholders, and placemats and such. They were such nice items but she wasn't selling them at all. I bought a few things from her truly because they were so nice and the price was perfect. How can anyone refuse a beautiful placemat for only $1??? I bought 5! I am such a big spender.
There is another one in a few weeks and I need to make some more hairbows!!