Friday, August 15, 2008

Very busy!

This is the most recent creation. I made this for my daughter's birthday. It is the Martha Stewart Coming Home poncho pattern from Lion Brand but I didn't do the last three rows to make the big frilly shells on the edges. I just did the first row to give it a bit of a scalloped edge. I think it looks great and it fits very nicely. I am now making another one in green for my other daughter. My son has put in his order for a new knitted sweater. His other one is now too small. My daughter wants buttons on her cardigan that I made her last year. So I need to put some buttons on it. I have just been lazy.

In the scrapbooking world, I went to a great workshop the other night and really enjoyed myself. I learned a bunch of fancy techniques which I will probably never use again but those techniques will at least be on those pages I made. I just need to now make the rest of the pages and get the pictures to put on them, developed.
Last weekend was another craft show at our campground. I sold a bunch of hairbows again. It was interesting because people didn't buy just one they bought 4 or 5 at a time. I made a bit over $100. I felt so sorry for this one older woman who had some really nice crocheted items, baby blankets, dish cloths, potholders, and placemats and such. They were such nice items but she wasn't selling them at all. I bought a few things from her truly because they were so nice and the price was perfect. How can anyone refuse a beautiful placemat for only $1??? I bought 5! I am such a big spender.
There is another one in a few weeks and I need to make some more hairbows!!

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