Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some spooky cards and more for the Craft Show!!

First, I made some cards for the craft show. I kinda hope they don't sell so that I can send them so some friends. Or, I will just have to make some more!

And, now for some fun little guys. These were so much fun to make. I will be selling them also at the craft show for $1 each. Aren't they just as cute as could be? It was a bit odd making them. I would put their "hair" on first and then glue on the eyes and nose. Then take my slick marker and I would start the mouth and each one would appear and I would then draw it. They each have little personalities. Funny how something so little and insignificant would gain so much personality with a few googlie eyes and a mouth.

I will definitely be making them again. The foam balls came in a box that also included the googlie eyes. I used multi-colored feathers and pom pom noses. Very much fun and they didn't cost anything hardly to make. I think they will sell very well being the weekend before school starts. The pencils can be used just fine and the heads aren't that heavy as to throw off any handwriting.

Sorry the picture is so poor. My camera was running out of juice. It is charging now so check back for more pictures of everything that I will be selling.

So let's list all that I will be selling this weekend.
1. Pencil buddies ($1 each)
2. Note card sets ($10 each set of 4)
3. Hair Ribbons ($2.50 each) - I might up the price to $3.00 so I don't have to make change.
4. Foamie frame kits for kids ($1 each)

Okay, off to make some hair ribbons! I have a bunch to make and so little time!!

I forgot to tell you, check back in the next day or so. I made a very cute crocheted froggie yesterday. He is very much fun! I will post a picture of him tomorrow when my camera charges.

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  1. Love your cards but those spooky pencils are the BOMB!!

    Have to make up some for my kids and nephews!