Friday, August 22, 2008

This is some cool mini accordian album!!

Check this album out. It is so super cool. I need to get my hands on one or figure out how to make it!

How awesome is that??? I found the link with directions on how to make it. I think I will have to try one tonight!!!

Here is the link:

So very very cool! I love that the internet allows us not so creative cats to find how to make or do anything! Thanks for the directions Scarletlime!!

Stay tuned because I will be posting a new layout I did last night this afternoon, so be sure to stop back by before you go to bed!! I promise it will be fun to see.

**I have to say I am liking the interactive page elements I have been incorporating into my pages. I have been learning some new techniques and playing with some items I hadn't ever thought of playing with before. So much fun!**

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