Monday, May 12, 2008

Making Cards

I am so in to making cards right now. I have been so inspired by the gals at All Moments Remembered. If you haven't been there it is definitely worth a "lurk". They are so super talented and make paper crafts look so easy. Well, I am definitely convinced. I don't think that I will be purchasing any more cards for holidays again. Making them is the way to go.
Here are a few I made today.

I think I'm in TROUBLE!!!

I have recently had to fight my kids for computer time. But now I have created a MONSTER!! This is my middle child I am talking about.

Oh, Just look for yourself!

Here are a few of her scrapbook pages:

(Yes, there is bling on that page!!!)

I think she is doing a great job and honestly, I couldn't be prouder!!

A few minutes ago, I asked her to please help her sister put her pajamas on and I said, "please, I don't want her in my scrapbook room." This girl said, "mom, you mean OUR scrapbook room"!!

See what I mean??? I have created a MONSTER here!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some New Love...

I have been feeling a bit scrappy lately. It is mainly because I found this yummy paper by Marcella by K. It is from the Angelica line. Just so....yummy. I want to bathe in this paper. It was perfect for the next three layouts from my Disney album. These are photos of the kids eating an ice cream snack at Epcot. I remember this moment perfectly. We were standing there all eating our ice cream and I noticed the kids and how each of them was eating. I nudged my husband and even said something to him about it. "Look at them, honey. Their individual personalities come out even in the simple things like eating their ice cream." I grabbed the camera and started snapping photos. I just love this digital age where you can take a bunch of photos on the simple things like eating ice cream.

Let's start with Allie. She tries so hard to not get messy. She holds her hands a certain way and attacks the ice cream with thought and precision.

Then there is Caroline, who puts every bit of effort into everything she does and she does it so fully and with all her heart.

And Nicholas, who, well, is just all boy. He puts his body into it and doesn't matter how messy it gets, the goal is to finish.

And I just so full love them all, each, individually with all of my being.