Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 19 Speak Kind Words

Today (okay yesterday) I am thankful for nice people.  In this time of gratitude I have found that often I am the one who has to extend the gratitude.  I say "thank you" all the time.  Many people don't say that anymore.  I say thank you to the check out lady in the grocery.  I say thank you to the sales people who call me on the phone, even though I don't buy or want their product and they interrupt my dinner.  I say thank you whenever anyone hands me something or gives me something.  I say thank you when people call to schedule an appointment with my husband.  I have found that if I do say "thank you" or "have a nice day" or in this case recently "Happy Thanksgiving" or "have a happy holiday" they will say it back and it usually puts a smile on their face.  I have also noticed that it usually catches them off guard a bit. So I thank all those who are nice to me first.  You put a smile on my face.

So my challenge to you today (my 7 readers, whom I love with all my heart) say kind words to someone today.  Let's see if we can't start a snowball effect of kindness to each other.

We have a sign in our kitchen that says "Speak kind words, receive kind echos".  I think it is pretty good words by which to live.

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