Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things I learned today with the earthquake

I learned two things today.

 No damage occurred to me or my family or my property, but one interesting thing to note was that in the next two hours after the quake it was difficult to use your cell phone or land line phones. Everyone was calling people and it was bogging down the phone system.
Another thing to note was that in the couple hours after the quake people were not driving safely. They were one their cell phones in their cars and they were driving carelessly. This caused a bunch of unnecessary accidents in the area. While there wasn’t much damage in the surrounding areas (most damage was at the epicenter) people were “excited” to talk about it and to find out if their family and friends felt it. It happened just before I got off of work and the drive home was more dangerous than the event itself.
I learned two things today: 1. phones shouldn’t be used to contact others right away, only for emergencies. Use other forms of communication or wait to contact friends to chat. Facebook and email were great for this. 2. if at all possible don’t get in your car right after an event like this. Stay put for a while to let others calm down.

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