Friday, August 19, 2011

Our First Aid Kit

I need to take a photo of this for you all.  I got this idea from a blog Prepared LDS Family who got the idea from somewhere else.  I love this and it has really helped us keep our supplies together. Plus this is easily transportable.

We keep our first aid kit in a tool box now.  Actually ours is probably an art box.  There is a removable tray on the top so we have two layers for items.  In the bottom we store various boxes of bandaids of different sizes, shapes and materials.  We have waterproof ones, fabric ones, regular ones, big ones, little ones, ones that go over your knee, around your knuckle, you get the idea.  We also have a box of alcohol wipes, anti itch cream and an ace bandage.  I also keep a clean cotton cloth in there.  The top layer is for smaller items like loose bandaids, tweezers, scissors, and medications like Tylenol, Advil, Neosporin, etc.  I love that it is all in one place and it is organized.  Prior to this method we had a haphazzard first aid kit in a small box under the sink in the bathroom.  Some of our items were scattered through the house too.  So you had to hunt for what you were looking for.  Now it is all in one place and if we go camping, we grab the box and go.  If we need to evacuate quickly we can grab the box and go.  So easy.

About first aid supplies:  I also keep a small first aid kit in my purse.  I used to keep a first aid kit in the car too.  It was really handy when the kids were really small and they would fall and bump their knees.  I need to get a first aid kit for the car back in the car, well one for each of our cars would be nice.  I also have a small first aid kit for my 72 hour grab and go bag (bug out bag).  In it is the basics - bandaids, hand sanitizer, first aid spray (like Bactine).  Not much.  Ideally it would be good to grab our big kit to go with us.

We purchased the bulk of these items when I needed to spend some money in my flex benifits plan from work.  It was getting late in the year and I some money left over.  Our plan at the time allowed for first aid supplies and over the counter medications.  I stocked up on these items.  Now our plan doesn't allow for them so I pick them up as I see them on clearance or on sale in the grocery stores or pharmacies.

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