Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Forecast for Hurricane Irene

I was at the grocery store this afternoon and it was more crowded than usual.  Also I noticed that most everyone had a case of water bottles in the bottom of their carts.  I also heard several people talking to others they knew and saying things like, "I ran out of milk this morning and needed it anyway." and "I needed batteries for my kid's toy".  I spoke with a worker there in a friendly way said, "have you all been busy today?" and he said "Yeah with all the crazies stocking up for the end of the world. ha ha ha. With all the talk on the TV scaring everyone".

I thought it was really interesting that so many are embarrassed to say they are buying supplies for the storm.  They say they are buying things because they need it or ran out or whatever.  Why can't we tell others proudly that we are just stocking up for the storm.  Just in case, you know.  I don't understand why we have to be embarrassed about it.  Why are we trying to belittle the warnings that are given by the authorities or better yet, why are we trying to convince people that is really won't happen? Honestly I don't know what will or will not happen.  I am not thinking that we will necessarily have an "end of the world" situation, but I do think that we can be prepared for weather emergencies, economic downfall, and other financial emergencies in our homes due to loss of job or illness.  It just makes sense.

So next time you are in the store and you are stocking up on milk, bread, eggs, butter, or like me extra batteries, yeast, and chocolate cupcakes (because that is what we are low in) and someone says, "ah preparing for the big storm, huh?"  Smile at that person and say "Yup, you never know!!!" :)

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