Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A prepared mom purse

Last month I reorganized my purse.  I carry a bunch of junk in there and I wanted to lighten my load so to speak.  With preparedness in mind, I got rid of a bunch of stuff (mainly kids toys and such) and kept the important stuff.  I carry my purse pretty much everywhere I go so having it stocked with the right stuff seems to make sense to me.  Since we are in the height of summer I didn't include an extra pair of mittens or gloves as I would normally have in the winter.  I will add and subtract items as the seasons require.  Where I live we have all four seasons.

Here is what I have currently in my purse:
1. my wallet with emergency info.
2. cell phone with emergency info stored on it.
3. a mini first aid kit (neosporin spray, couple different sized bandaids, chapstick, travel size tube of hand lotion, alcohol pad)
4. Keys with a mini LED red light.
5. Small LED flashlight
6. couple different hair rubberbands
7. two packs of fruit chews (like gummy bears).

I used to have adult Tums and children's Tylenol chewable tabs.  My daughter tends to get headaches a lot and I carry them for her.  However, I have run out of both of these items and need to replace them.

I also carry my daily medications in my purse.  We were traveling a lot last month and they have just stayed in my purse since then.  I think it is a good idea to at least keep a few pills in there just in case I don't get home for some reason, but I don't think I need to keep the whole prescription in there.

Items I want to add to my purse:
1. kleenex
2. multi-purpose collapsable utility knife set (if anything a swiss army knife)
3. adult tylenol
4. fingernail clippers (I find I need these often and don't have them with me)
5. whistle

Can you think of anything else I need or should have?

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