Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Readiness

The news is calling for a possible CAT 3 hurricane to hit the southern east coast in 5-6 days.  Where we are we won't have a direct hit but will most likely deal with the aftermath of this storm coming on land.  They are expecting heavy winds, lots of rain, and possible flooding.

The news caster just announced that people should start to prepare for this now, just in case it hits us.  These preparations should include:
1. an emergency evacuation plan for those along the coastal areas, low lying areas and in the path of the storm.
2. have at least a 3 day supply of food and water for each member of your family including medications, and pets.
3. update and confirm your homeowners insurance policy, car insurance policy, and medical plans.
4. have candles, flashlights, battery operated/hand crank radio and weather radio ready and in working order as well as extra batteries or each item.
5. have a back up plan for cooking, heating water, etc.
6. if the power is expected to go out and you are sheltering at home, prior to the storm buy some bags of ice and put them in your freezer to help keep your refrigerated and freezer items from spoiling. I put them in a Rubbermaid bin like a dishpan so that if they melt then they don't flood all over the place.  Also take out items that you will most likely need from the refrigerator and put it in a cooler.  This way you don't have to open the refrigerator and freezer while the power is out.  The less you open the doors the more time you have before items begin to spoil.  As a bonus, eat the ice cream.  That will be the first to go anyway. :)
7.  have at least three days of water on hand.  If the local water gets contaminated you have water on hand.
8. tarps and duct tape are good things to have on hand.  These items are good for emergencies.
9. have a back up plan.

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