Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Being Prepared for Everything

This afternoon an earthquake occurred in Virginia.  It affected much of the entire eastern seaboard, as far north as Rhode Island and Massachusetts and as far south as northern Georgia.  This was the largest earthquake on this side of the US since the late 1890s.  That means that this was a "once in a hundred years" events.  While the damage was minor even in the epicenter we all need to be prepared for anything.

This area was warned a few days ago to start preparing for a hurricane.  No one said anything about preparing for an earthquake.  

How does one prepare for an earthquake?

1.  Bug out Bag and car kits. This is important so you can grab and go and have supplies ready for you in case you can't return to your home due to damage.

2.  Have a plan and a place to go.

3.  Have a contact not in the area to contact and check on other loved ones in the area but that you can't reach.

4.  Have an adequate supply of water in case your water supply is compromised.

5.  Have a supply of food, batteries, and an alternate cooking source in case your power goes out.

After the quake occurs:

1.  Check your home for structural damage and other damage.

2.  Check for gas leaks both in your home and outside as gas lines may have been damaged and gas might be leaking up from the ground.

3.  Check for water main leaks and other pipe leaks.

4.  Turn on your radio or TV (if you have power) and follow the advised directions from officials.

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