Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You've Been Boo'ed! (Halloween Fun)

(from christmas.organizedhome.com)

With goblins and ghouls outside, my kids want to do scary Halloween but we don't do scary in our house.  It scares me too much. We DO do fun Halloween and this activity is so much fun.

Gather together some treats and tricks and put in a bag or smallish Halloween bucket.  We get our stuff from the dollar store.  We mix candy and pencils, little party favors and such in the bucket.  Then print off the "You've Been Boo'ed" poem and picture from on line.  This is my favorite site to get it.


They have several different designs to choose from.

Then go out in your neighborhood and leave them on the front doorstep, ring the bell, and RUN!  It is supposed to be a secret who boo's you.

Their job is to make three buckets or favor bags and do the same to three more homes.  Before long most of your neighborhood will be boo'ed.

We like to start this about the second week in October in our neighborhood to get the kids and everyone looking forward to a fun and safe Halloween.

Happy Halloween! (Stay safe and wear reflectors)

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