Sunday, October 28, 2012

Updating our Homeschool Curriculum

This past weekend I bit the bullet and began to feel guilty that my kids weren't learning spelling words and weren't getting much grammar in the Sonlight program.  So I bought these new items to round out our learning this year.

For the 4th grader:
  • Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills 3 (I went down a grade because I know she isn't ready for the 4th grade version yet)

  • Spectrum Language Arts Grade 3 (Again this is where she is)  I anticipate she will finish this up pretty quickly and we will move on to Grade 4 before spring time.

  • Evan-Moor Daily Paragraph Editing 3

  • Carson-Dellosa, Skill Builders - Grammar Grade 3

  • Carson-Dellosa Skill Builders Reading Comprehension Grade 3

For the 7th graders:

  • Spectrum Language Arts Grade 6 (again, they aren't quite ready for higher levels, plus Spectrum only goes up to Grade 6 in this book)

  • Evan-Moor Building Spelling Skills Grade 5 (This is where they are)

  • Evan-Moor Daily Paragraph Editing 4 (I got this on super sale.  I will use it with the older ones and it will be easy but I have it also for the younger one when she is ready for it)  I will get the level 5 when they finish these.

  • Carson Dellosa Reading Comprehension Grade 5 and Grade 6 (one needs one and one needs the other)

  • Carson Dellosa Grammar Grade 6 (I will use this for extra practice from the other language arts book)

  • Rainbow Bridge Skill Builders - Reading Grade 6 (This will be an extra practice for the kids as well)

My focus will be on building skills so they can master these and then move on.  I am pleased with my choices and we will be beginning these tomorrow morning.  Yippee!

I still have a bit more tweaking to do with our plan and I need to work on Science instruction.  I think we are going to focus on units here.  


  1. Vocabulary Spelling City is an awesome site for practicing spelling, and it is free to use.

    They have a Harvest spelling list for a little added fun.

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