Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nor'Easter to hit East Coast in 4 days

In four days we are expecting to get a hurricane which they say will transition into a "nor-easter".  We are expecting 50+ mile an hour sustained winds and a ton of rain. The first model shows the wind speed we should expect.

This second graphic shows the total expected rainfall associated with this storm.  We are in the 8.5" range.

Today, my family and I will go out and get any additional supplies we need.  We are expecting, downed trees, power outages and possible flooding in our "basement" (really ground level that floods in our utility room when we have heavy rains, as the door jam is just at ground level).

These are the things we will do to prepare for this storm.  In past storms we have opted to leave our home and wait out the storm a few hours away, but in this case we will hunker down right here at home and wait it out.

1.  Water - I will pick up a few more cases of water bottles and I will fill a clean bathtub with water the morning of the storm.  This will do for washing and cleaning.  The water bottles will be fine for drinking and cooking.

2.  Food - I just want to get a few fresh fruits for us.  Otherwise we are really okay in this department.  But in thinking of a possible power outage I will wash and prepare coolers for food storage just in case power goes out.  I will also get more ziploc (freezer) bags (because I used the last one yesterday and it is on my list anyway) and fill them with ice and pack any extra corners in our freezer to help keep our food cold longer in case of a power outage.  I will purchase the night before or the morning of the storm (depending on how fast it is traveling) a couple big bags of ice and put them in the freezer if I have room or in a cooler to have on hand.  Ice is often the first thing to go around here when the power goes out.

3.  Alternative cooking - our gas grill just died on us earlier this week.  The entire heat dispersing plate crumbled and fell apart and the grate looks horrible.  It was time for a new grill anyway.  So we will be buying a new grill.  I always look for something that I can cook on with pans if I have to.  I will also be getting out our camping stove and I will check on our supply of propane for it and make sure it is in working order.

4.  Power source - We can charge our phones in the car and we have battery operated lanterns and flashlights, plenty of candles and such.  We are okay in this department but will check on our supply of batteries.

5.  First Aid supplies - I am really good in that area.  We keep a well stocked first aid kit and have plenty of band-aids, larger bandages, and creams, ointments, and OTC meds.  I don't need anything in this area. 

When we have a big storm like this we are usually out of power for at least a week if not longer.  So we will prepare for at least 2 weeks of no power.  

Why am I doing this now?  Why not wait another day or two so we are sure it will be coming to us and affecting us like they are saying it might?  Well, for one, I hate to have to fight someone for the supplies I need.  I would rather go out today and get the items quietly when others aren't paying attention than fight for the last loaf of bread or the last case of water on Sunday when others decide they may need some supplies.  If I know my fellow community members they aren't even thinking about stocking up yet.  While the storm is on the radar it isn't on their "radar".  So I will stock up and if it turns and doesn't affect us much well then, I have extra supplies on hand for another emergency.  If I wait I may not be able to get the items I need.  If I do it now, quietly, then I can get my items and be ready for the storm and no one knows the wiser what I have and what I don't have.

Better to be prepared than to be panicked.  My motto, worry causes wrinkles and I don't want to worry so I prepare.

How much money am I shelling out for this?  About $150 if I estimate right.  I will need $100 for a new grill (Walmart) and the $50 will go towards batteries, propane if I need it (which I really don't think I do), ziploc bags, fresh fruit and water bottles.

What am I missing?

How are you preparing?

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