Friday, October 19, 2012

Northwest to get SNOW this weekend. (and Freebie)

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The forecast this weekend calls for snow in the northwest.  This can be a wake up call to all of us all over the country, even if we don't get much snow.  There are many things we can do to prepare for winter and each region has its own set of issues for each season.

For those of us who do find that powdery white stuff on the ground from time to time or for much of the winter there are a great many things on our To Do list before the storms hit.

To Do:
1.  Pick up all toys and tools in the yard and straighten up the leaves and twigs that fall from the trees.  Twigs, logs, tools and toys can be a trip hazard after a snow.  You can't see what you are stepping on and can turn an ankle or fall.  Plus you won't be able to find tools that you may need if it is covered with snow.   Put tools and toys away in the shed or under the house or deck.

2.  Cover lawn furniture and the wood pile with a tarp so snow won't ruin the finish on the furniture or wet the wood when it begins to melt.

3.  Stack firewood and have a place for it to stay dry in winter storms and rain.

4.  Finish winterizing the garden.  Cover wintering over plants with straw, till in fertilizer or plant cover plants for tilling under in spring.

5.  Make sure you have enough food storage and water for at least a week that you can cook with out electricity. (I like to have more but that is me!)

6.  Make sure that you have your generator in good working order if you have one.  Start it from time to time to make sure that it is running correctly.  Top off oil and gasoline so it it ready to use.  If you have a snow blower, snow mobile, etc.  Prepare these for winter use also.

7.  Prepare for an alternative source of heat and cooking in case storms take out electricity.  This is very important so you won't worry or have to rush.

8.  Check battery supply, alternative lighting supply, and other gasses like propane, kerosene  or any other fluids that you use if power goes out.

9.  Unpack winter blankets, flannel sheets, and freshen them up for use (I like to put them in the dryer for a quick turn with a dryer sheet).

10.  Unpack snow gear such as hats, gloves, snow pants, boots, winter coats, etc.  Try them on all members of family to make sure they fit and are wearable for this season.  Make a list of items you need and check local thrift stores for these items first before buying new. (never hurts to save a bit of money).

I hope this list helps you.  I have printed this list out in a form so you can print it off and check off the items, make a shopping list, and add additional items to your list.  I keep a copy of this in my household notebook and use it over and over each year.

Grab this file here.

Have a great day!

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