Monday, October 29, 2012

Update on Sandy the Storm

This storm is quite a slow mover.  We were originally told that we would start seeing the rain and winds Saturday evening.  Then we were told Sunday morning, then Sunday evening, then Monday morning.  Public schools closed their doors to all activities Sunday and Monday.  Sandy seemed to not be in any hurry though to get to us.  She seemed to like hanging out in the ocean.

Where I am we didn't start to see good consistent rain and wind until Monday afternoon.  Now we sit with the rain and much milder winds than we were expecting.  We feel lucky to not be in the thick of this storm but know that many are still sitting in the dark with the winds and rains around them.

Yesterday we went out an bit the bullet and bought a generator.  We think that might have scared Sandy off. Ha ha.  I mean we spent all this money on an item that we know we should have and we are glad to have but we probably won't be using it on this storm unless the winds and rain increase through the night (which they are not expected to).

We definitely lucked out here where I am.  We hope that those who are in the path of the storm stay safe.

Oh a funny thing I noticed.  The air pressure has decreased significantly here and one way I noticed this was that my candy bar wrapper was puffy today.  That meant that the air pressure in the wrapper was higher than the pressure outside the wrapper.  Very odd for us to have this phenomenon.

Have a great evening.

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