Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday for the kids and adults alike.  I have compiled a few "mom tips" that I live by on Halloween.

Safety Rules:

1. Make sure that any costume fits properly and the mask fits so that you can breathe and see well in.  Make sure that capes, dresses, and other costume clothing isn't too long that it becomes a trip hazard.

2.  Wear some sort of reflective gear.  Use glow in the dark glow sticks, bracelets, etc to help be reflective.  Also reflective tape on a child's back or on their hat  helps tremendously.  We, parents, always carry bright flashlights, wear glow sticks and put reflective tape on us as well.  We are usually near the child so if the cars see us then they should slow down and look for kids as well.

3.  Check all candy out. We toss anything that wasn't properly wrapped and look for anything that could have been tampered with.  Many medical centers will x-ray your candy for free.  Check around if you are really concerned.

4.  Parents always trick or treat with kids.  We always walk around with the kids.  The more the merrier and we make this a family event.  Even though mine are old enough to go by themselves we have never let this be an option.

Politeness Rules: (these are rules my family has)

1.  Say "Trick or Treat" and say "thank you". A smile is always welcome.

2. Be appreciative with anything that they are given, whether it be an apple, bag of carrots, or a candy bar they don't like.

3.  When given the option to take a piece of candy from the bowl they are to choose quickly one from the top and not dig through the bowl looking for a piece they want.

4.  Always walk up and down the driveway and on the sidewalk or path to the house.  No cutting through the yard.

5.  NO trading candy when we get home.  This just becomes an argument in our house so we made it a rule.

6.  Mom and Dad have to inspect the candy before eating. No cheating.

The CDC has a great list of safety rules and you can find them here.

Here is a great website for more safety tips for all sorts of Halloween fun.

And finally, the American Academy of Pediatrics has a great list of Halloween Safety as well, here.

And one more "Mom Tip":  Take along a couple safety pins just in case you have a costume malfunction in the middle of the trick or treating trip.  I also carry my phone in case I need to dial for emergencies, my flashlight, glow sticks, and of course my camera.

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