Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Verdict is in! ~~~ Maple Syrup~~~

I said I would test out the new maple syrup recipes I found recently.  Here and here.  I said I would test them out on my family and report back with the verdict.  Well, the verdict is in.

Given our druthers we would all rather have the store bought version.

The recipe with the brown sugar and vanilla (additional ingredients) has more depth of flavor than the recipe with just sugar, water, and maple flavoring.  So we did like the brown sugar and vanilla version better than the sugar and water one.

However, we used it warm, well hot and we think that it was a bit thin.  It needed to thicken up just a bit and are wondering if that would happen if we let it cool more.  We also tested it with our favorite syrup "Mrs. Butterworth" and while that is a bit buttery we didn't taste the butter flavoring as much as the vanilla in the store bought brand.  The vanilla was a bit stronger in the store bought version.

So in a pinch the kids said that we could make the homemade version and it would do.  But they would like for me to stock up on the store bought version so we don't have to go homemade.  ha ha.

I am going to work on it a bit more and play with the amounts some and see if I can get it thicker a bit.  It is worth a try on your family and it is so much cheaper than the store bought version.

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