Monday, February 6, 2012

My Daughter Did NOT just Say THAT!!!

Super Bowl Sunday and I am making Chex Mix.  I get out the big pan I use and I start mixing up all the ingredients.  Now I had bought this "party mix" version of the cereal and I assumed that it had all the dry ingredients in the box.  I was thinking it had the three types of Chex cereal, some pretzels, and some bagel chips in it. They were pictured on the box so I assumed it was in there.  I pour in a can of mixed nuts on top of the cereal mix after realizing that there was nothing else in there other than just the cereal.  My youngest daughter walks into the kitchen and looks in the pan.

Daughter: Mom you forgot the pretzels.
Me: I know honey. I thought it was in the box mix I bought but I guess not.
Daughter: I will get you some. (and she runs off to the pantry)
I call out to her: We don't have any in there but you can check the snack drawer here in the kitchen.
Daughter opens the snack drawer and searches through, not finding any.  She gets a sad face and walks to me and says: Mom you really need to be better prepared.

Oh no she DIDN'T!!!  Yeah she did!!!  I was shocked.  I was stunned.  I had no response.

Seriously, she didn't just tell ME that I need to be better PREPARED did she?????  I try really hard to be prepared and I seriously thought the box had pretzels in it.

Then again, I am really glad that she said that because it shows me that she knows I pride myself on being prepared and having a fully stocked pantry and she is learning that it is nice to have that.

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