Saturday, February 18, 2012

Prepping for a Snow Storm

This weekend it is likely that we will be getting a nice blanket of snow.  My family loves snow and loves to play in it, walk in it, and sled in it.  It is supposed to start some time tomorrow and last through the evening.  We are expected to get about 2-4 inches.  Not much but a nice blanket to make everything look different for a little while.

In prepping for a snow storm, particularly this one which will begin as rain and then change over to snow, I want to make sure that we are prepared for a power outage as well.  Power outages in the winter are a bit different than in the summer because in the winter we rely mainly on the electricity to run our furnace.  Without power we have no heat.  We have two alternative sources of heat in our house.  One is a propane fireplace in our living room which does a pretty good job of heating the living room dining room and kitchen.  The second is our good ole trusty wood burning fireplace.  It is located on the basement level of our home and is in our family room.  If power goes out for a long time we can sleep down in the family room by the fireplace.  

Also thinking ahead, because it will be chilly if the power goes out we will most likely want warm meals to keep us warm on the inside.  We can cook by grill but we also have a Coleman Camp Stove that will serve us well if we need to cook.  Baking and other cooking can be done in our travel trailer using the generator.

This morning I took a quick look at my pantry to make sure that I had food that we could heat and eat easily if we have a power outage.  I also made sure we had other 'winter standards' like hot chocolate and marshmallows.  I had everything I needed and I knew that already.  We have had some warning about this storm and a couple days ago I went out and purchased an extra dozen eggs, some bread (for french toast) and another gallon of milk.  We had everything else we needed already so it wasn't a big trip. 

Later tonight I will gather the snow boots, hats, gloves, and scarves, the snow pants, and winter parkas so we have them all together for play tomorrow and Monday.

My Winter Storm Checklist:
  • Food that is easy to heat and eat. (plus the snowy essentials like hot chocolate, marshmallows and other winter foods you enjoy when it is snowing)
  • Alternative heating and cooking
  • Batteries, flashlights, lanterns, etc. in case of power outage
  • Check batteries in weather radio
  • Stack wood on porch and cover
  • Put snow shovel on porch near door
  • Gather and sort winter clothing like gloves, hats, coats, scarves, and boots.
  • Wash dishes/clothing in case power does go out.
The one thing I absolutely hate is to have to go out in the car and purchase something in the snow before the roads have been cleared.  We may not get this snow but if we do, I will be ready.  If not, then it was a good practice for when we do have a storm.

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