Friday, January 11, 2008

Two scarves

I bought the Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Thick and Quick size in both navy blue and black. Okay let me back up a bit. I first had one skein in my stash in navy blue and thought, hmm, I am going to make a scarf with this. So I begin knitting on size 15 needles, casting on 15 stitches. I did the knit one purl one pattern throughout the entire scarf giving it a seedy bumpy feel. I was going to give it away and when it was almost done my husband asked, "who are you knitting that one for?". I asked if he wanted it and he said "YEAH!" So it became his.

The next night my mother and step-father were over and my mom picked up the scarf and said "Who's is this?" and I told her my husband had already claimed it and she said it looked very manly and that maybe she would make one for a nephew. It got me thinking that I hadn't knitted anything for my step-father and had planned on making him a scarf in a brown and black varigated yarn but thought he might really like one of these in black.

So Wednesday I had to take my husband to the dentist to have some work done on his mouth and while I was waiting I ran over to the yarn store and grabbed two skeins of this wool-ease in black and came back and whipped out 3/4 of the scarf sitting waiting for my husband to be done in the dentist. I finished it last night and it looks great!! I can't wait to give it to him tomorrow when I see him next. But, before I give it away I will take a picture of it and post!!

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