Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Diets Suck when you have to Cook

I am back on the wagon again. I have chosen the Atkins diet again and will keep you all (one of you, maybe...) posted on my progress.

What sucks is the fact that I still have to cook for the family, keeping in mind that I am the only one who is dieting. I am in the "induction" phase where you aren't supposed to eat more than 20g of Carbs a day. That is like NOTHING white!! No bread, sweets, fruits, rice, pasta, etc. Hey Lel, don't you have some great no carb options for me? Oh, I digress...

So two days on the diet and last night we had pork roast, broccoli, salad, and baked potato. I could eat everything except the potato AND I was very good. Tonight, we had cheeseburgers and I sauted some onions too. I ate it smothered with the onions and cheese without the bun!!! Yummy.

I hopped on the scale tonight after dinner and, ready for this, I had lost TWO pounds, AND knowing that it was night and not the morning and when I had weighed myself the initial weigh in, it was morning. So tomorrow morning I will hop on again and that will be the first official weigh in!!

I'm psyched!

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