Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Project, Well Old One Really

I tried the baby blanket two more times. I tried to crochet with the yarn and it still didn't turn out nice. I just don't think I like this yarn. I will use it to make some premie hats but it just doesn't have good weight for a blanket. So I am returning all the rest of it today.

So depressed and disappointed, I went to my stash. I really wanted to buy some more yarn to make the baby blankets but my husband would shoot me (no not literally, but I wouldn't hear the end of it for a while), so up to my closet and to my stash. I really didn't find much that interested me at the time and then I remembered. Yes, that is right. I hadn't finished the sweater I started for my son. So I pulled out that bag with the sweater in it and started working on it last night.

It is a simple stripe pattern that I got off of the LionBrand Homespun inside label on one of the skeins. The problem is that I don't think it will be fitting my son anymore but my daughter will enjoy it, hopefully. I had already finished the back and am now working on the front. Yes, I know the front looks so much skinnier but it is just because it is still on the needles. They are the same width. The stripes are fun and I have three more before I finish with the front and am able to do the sleeves. The pattern calls for only two stripes on the sleeves but I may add a few more for length.

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