Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Waffle Sandwich

I don't really remember when this food luxury was created or by whom, but in our family we have what we call a "waffle sandwich". It consists of two store-bought frozen waffles, toasted, butter and powdered sugar. You toast the waffles and then when the come out of the toaster oven piping hot you spread butter on both waffles then put powdered sugar on one and put the other waffle on top (butter side in). Voila! A waffle sandwich. folded in a paper towel you can take these treasures on the go. I start out many a morning with the waffle sandwich and my cup of coffee on the way to work. It is not at all healthy but it does give you a bit of a sugar rush and along with the coffee you are well on your way to a drug induced buzz by the time you hit the office, or in my case the classroom.

No wonder my first period students think I am a bit of a nut...

Try it sometime!


  1. what? no diet coke? and what happened to the no waffles idea?

  2. Waffles are still bought frozen in the box for those times I don't make them myself. I just don't buy the waffle mix from a box anymore.

  3. The only way to have a true waffle sandwich is to use the frozen box waffles only!!