Tuesday, July 31, 2007

An Easy Dessert - Brownies a la Mode

One of my family's favorite desserts is Brownies a la Mode.

Just as dinner is coming together I preheat the oven and make a quick batch of brownies (yes from the box). I throw it in the oven and it bakes while we eat. If I time it right the brownies come out of the oven just as we are finishing dinner and they cool while we clean up the dishes. When the dishes are in the dishwasher the brownies are still warm but not hot. We slice them with a plastic knife (because they don't stick to plastic) and I place a brownie in the bowl and scoop ice cream on top. Because the brownies are still warm the ice cream begins to melt and get all gooie! We eat them right away.

These taste like the brownie desserts you get from a restaurant and they are quite a treat! For left overs, put the brownie in a bowl and microwave it for 20-30 seconds and then top with ice cream. You can get the same effect all over again!!!

It is easy to plan for a great dessert if you have a few things handy all the time. I always have on hand a brownie mix, a yellow cake mix, ice cream (of any flavor), and a can of fruit. When fixing dinner just take an extra minute to think about dessert and your family will feel special.

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