Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Maggiano's Little Italy

Yes, I am going to do a "plug" for this awesome restaurant.

I love Maggiano's!!!  I love their food and I love the atmosphere.  I also love that I can go with my husband and spend $39 for a Meal for Two.  You get an appetizer, two salads and two pasta entrees and a dessert to share all for $39.  What makes it quite the deal is that you get to bring home two additional pasta entrees for FREE!!  Yes that means that you do not only get a great meal in the restaurant but you get another great meal for the next day.  They even tell you how to heat it up so it is perfect.

We went to Maggiano's on Monday for my birthday.  We had the leftovers from our meal last night and tonight we will have the FREE meals that they sent home with us.  So that makes three dinners for $40.  Oh did I tell you that we will be feeding our kids on this also?  Yup.  The meals are large enough that our family of 5 will eat two lasagna dinners and it will feed us all and fill us up.  I will supplement this with a salad and bread as well.

So that is what we are having for dinner tonight. What are you having?

Oh, if you are thinking about getting me something for Christmas or looking for a belated birthday gift, I am happy to receive gift cards from Maggiano's!!  ......just sayin..... ;)

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