Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kindle Freebies - 12/6/12

Check out these books I found today on Kindle for free.

Children's Bible Comic Book Kings and prophets

My middle one is wanting to publish a book that she wrote. I am thinking this book (for FREE) might help her along a bit.

How To Write, Market, and Sell Your Own Ebook! (Everything You Need to Know from A- Z!)

Homeschool Mosaics' Holiday Blessings

I don't have a preschooler but if I did, I would be all over this book.

Homeschool Your Preschooler on a Day

This book I recommend with caution.  Truly the reason I posted this one is to tell you to please preview your children's books you buy for them.  I know you probably do but this one we were a bit shocked by.  We reluctantly bought this for our son last year after several months of him begging us to buy the book for him.  We did and we read it too.  It was not at all what we thought it would be.  The main character purposefully tries to get suspended from school.  We weren't quite sure we wanted our son to think that this behavior was accepted or tolerated by us.  We let him continue to read the book but had many a discussion with him about the content of the book.  In the end it turned out okay but if we were to do it over again, I am not sure we would have chosen this book for our son.  So in the end, I am glad that amazon offers previews of books.  We as parents can read the preview and see if it is appropriate for our children, as well the kids can read it for free and if they don't like the book we haven't spent our hard earned money on it.  So many books go unread here because they aren't interested in it once they start the book.  Here is a preview of this book and James Patterson has a bunch of other books for middle school aged kids.  I don't think we will be purchasing anymore of his books without reading a preview first

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life - Free Preview: The First 20 Chapters

And check out this book. This one looks awesome for a young teen girl. It is Christian based too! (Bonus) This one will be loaded on my daughter's new tablet she will be getting from Santa this year.

Asking for Trouble: 1 (London Confidential)

Have a great day!

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