Sunday, August 3, 2014

So much can happen in a month

The long and short of it......

Short: We've moved.  We are no longer living in a trailer in Florida.  We are now living in Richmond again and my husband starts his job tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Long:  Just after Independence Day we received our first flavor sample. At this same time we asked the manufactured to work up some numbers for us.  We needed to know how much this was going to cost us per bag, per case, etc.  We had many potential retailers ready for this information and we were ready to get some real numbers put together for them.  The flavor sample came and it was bland.  We asked them to work on the flavor some more.  They did and also sent us some preliminary numbers.  We were shocked at what they sent.  They were quoting a 1 1/2 lb bag of jerky for double what we were expecting.  In the beginning we had told them our price range and they said they were sure they could hit that mark.  They doubled it!

After two solid days of pencil to paper we just couldn't figure out how to make this figure work for us.  We were the middle man but the manufacturer cut us out of any profits on our end.  We would do all the selling work for them and make zero in return.  It just didn't make any sense to us.  We had to tell them to put the project on hold.  The numbers were just too high.  The manufacturer understood and thought it may be a problem.  So that was the end of the jerky.  We definitely tried and it was a great learning experience for us.

Now what to do?????  My husband had been working hard to find a job, any job that paid more than minimum wage but just couldn't find a thing.  We agreed that we would move to where ever there was a job for him, including back to the same city where we had just moved from a year ago.  He made one phone call and lo and behold he had a job.  It was more than minimum wage and he has the opportunity to start up his lawn care business again.

In two weeks time we found a house, sold our flea market booth, packed everything up and we have now moved.  We are living in Richmond again and so far all is good.  We have been here three days.

Currently my view is a sea of boxes and jumbled furniture.  The trailer is currently parked on the street but will be going into storage in a day or so.  The kids have their own rooms again but last night I heard them all together giggling.  While they will enjoy their own spaces I love that they are each other's best friends.

We have had many excitements recently but I have to say one of my biggest excitement is that I have a dishwasher and two refrigerators in my kitchen right now.  I can't wait to go grocery shopping and fill them up and begin cooking again on my real sized stove and real sized oven.

I have lots of things I want to write about and will get to them in time.  Please keep checking back!  And leave me a comment or two.  It makes my day to see a comment posted on my blog.

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