Friday, June 20, 2014

The Lord Provides Once Again.

No I am not surprised but I do need to begin to trust more.

About a week ago we had a huge storm that came through here.  Our canopy on our RV was destroyed.  It was a bent and mangled mess of aluminum.  We called our insurance company and an adjuster came out on Tuesday to take a look at the mess and report back to our insurance company.

This morning I called the retirement organization where I am cashing out and we aren't to expect a check until late July. Sigh.  Last week we were asked to set up a produce stand about 15 miles away from us.  We agreed and bought $100 in produce from a guy at our market (wholesale) and we set up Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and we sold $28 total for all three days. By Wednesday evening most of our produce was at the end of its prime.  There was no way we could sell it another day.  We had to cut our losses.  I cut up the fruits and veggies and froze what I could. It was a gamble that didn't pay off this time.

Yesterday my husband and I were discussing our finances again.  I suggested I ask for more hours.  He is going to apply for some more jobs. We will be super poor for a while longer.  It is frustrating and weren't quite sure what to do.

This morning while my husband was on the computer scanning the jobs listings he got an email.  A guy wants to buy our old digital camera we have had on ebay for a while.  Yay!  That is $100 in our pocket.  That will get us some groceries at least until I get paid next Thursday.

On his way to mail off the camera he got a phone call from our insurance company.  They are sending us a check to replace the canopy.  It will arrive on Monday.  Whew.  Now we can pay rent here and at the market, and a bill that we are behind on along with more groceries and gas.  Whew.  Just when we needed it, He provides.

We have been reading a book recently "The Man Who Gave Up Money".  It is a book about David Suelo. One of the themes of this book is reliance on God to provide when we need it.  This has happened so many times in the past couple years and we feel so blessed when it does happen.

Yes, we will get our canopy replaced when I get my retirement money.  We can wait another month.

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