Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Camp

We just got back from a shopping trip for summer camp. It is a week long sleep away camp that is run by our diocese.  The kids are excited and can't wait to get packed and ready to go.  They leave this Sunday.

Whew. I am tired of shopping.  It is amazing the stuff kids need nowdays to go to camp.  My kids are going to a church camp. On the list for our camp is the normal stuff, toiletries, shirts, shorts, etc. Our camp, being a church camp, asks the kids to bring their Bible (all ours are in storage right now), a one piece bathing suit (my girls wear the tankinis that go all the way down to the bottoms showing no belly), and two twin sheets and a blanket.

Since we are still living in our trailer right now and all our stuff is packed away in storage 5 states away from us, we had to go shopping for the basics.

Do your summer camps require specific things for the kids to bring/not bring? What odd things did you need to get? Anyone know where I can get three Bibles for cheap?

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