Saturday, June 14, 2014

I Was Going to Complain

I started a post on the 10 things I hate living in a trailer, but I was interrupted and walked away from it in the middle.  I actually only got to 4 and had to really think hard to get a 5th thing I hated.  When I returned to finish it, I wasn't in that same mood anymore.  So no more complaining....

Well, I could complain about the smallness of my world right now, the fact that it is hot and muggy outside but in reality I am pretty content.

I love that we are ONLY paying $385 a month for our rent.  I love that we can pick up and move if we want. I love that it only takes me a few minutes to clean the entire place. I love that I don't have to worry about extra household bills.  I love that we have a pool that we can take a dip in when we want and not have any pool maintenance to go along with it.

I love that we are so close to the beach.  I love that our expenses are pretty small right now. I love that this lifestyle allows us to experiment with different ways of making money and that failing isn't so horrible that we lose our house.

Am I missing our old house? any house? space? Yes. But I am fine for now.  FOR NOW!!!

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