Saturday, September 24, 2011

When is it too much?

Okay, work with me here.  As I scour the web looking for lists of items for preparation.  I find a zillion different lists, with a zillion different items.  Let's take the 72 hour emergency grab and go bag for example.  I thought the idea was to grab a backpack and go.  That is the premise right?  So some 72 hour grab and go lists include lots of things that won't fit in a back pack.  Now I understand that if you are going to hold out at home then you can have items that are larger.  HOWEVER, do you really need them all in one place or can they be in your everyday place.  Do you need a second something in the "emergency" place or can you just check off that you have a manual can opener in the drawer?  Does that manual can opener need to be with your food?

Now, let's talk about other stuff.  When does prepping become hoarding?  When does prepping become clutter?  I am struggling with this now.  I am trying to declutter my house and in the process plan and prep for emergencies or even a "end of the world as we know it situation" and while decluttering I find myself questioning whether or not I should keep an item just in case I might need it again and not be able to repurchase it or trade for it.  Oh the dilemma!

So while I am working on this decluttering process in our house I am also trying to reorganize stuff.

My question today is:

Where do you store your stuff?  Emergency supplies?  Food storage?  Is your food storage all in your pantry?  Do you have a basement to store your items in?  Do you store your food storage in other areas of the house?
If so, where?  Is it hidden or in plain sight?

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