Friday, September 30, 2011

Another reason for a car emergency kit

Check out this news story that I saw this morning on the Today Show. This man crashed his car into a ravine and then survived there for six days drinking water from the river close by and eating bugs and insects. His kids were out looking for him and calling into ravines and hear his cry "help" from the bottom of the ravine. NOW, if this guy had an emergency kit (supposing he could access it in his car after the crash) he would have possibly had a whistle to call for help and emergency food to eat and water to drink. If he had a three day supply of calories he could have survived literally for weeks if need be. He had several broken bones including bones in his back (if I am remembering correctly from this mornings newscast). This would have been excruciating for him to drag his broken body from his car to the river below for water.

Six days after cliff plunge, kids find dad

Interestingly, there was another car which had crashed many months earlier on this same stretch of road and into the same ravine. No one had rescued this other person who was dead in his car and decomposing.

I know that I am going to get that whistle that I have been wanting for a while and I am putting it on my keychain for just those emergencies.

Go get yourself a whistle too today!

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