Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Active Hurricane Season

Just when we think it is okay to go back in the water......

Ha ha ha.  Isn't that the tag line from the movie Jaws?  Anyway, this year so far has been pretty active for hurricanes.  Many years we don't have to worry too much about them because they just rage out in the sea and most never touch or come close to land.  This year we have had quite a few that has started to threaten us on the east coast.

Irene, which actually came on shore, got us all thinking about preparations even though the weather forecasters didn't think it was going to be much of a big deal where I am.  Well it was.  We were out of power for 7+ days and I think that is a big deal.  However, it allowed us all to remember that we aren't safe from these storms and we learned what we needed most in this situation.  Then comes Katia, which now looks like it will be pretty much not really a threat to us.  Lee comes on shore but weakens just before he gets here and then dumps a whole lot of rain where we just had a bunch from Irene.  We are flooding again!  Now we have a new storm Maria which is in the same path and could threaten us once again. 

One thing that I know is before each of these threats I check my supplies and then go ahead and stock up on items that I know I will be using even though I already have them.  Batteries for one.  If I have the time and money, why not buy extra and rotate that stock.  Can't have enough water and extra food on hand.  If you know I will be using it then it is not an emergency and my supply is for emergencies, so why not replenish prior to the storm.  Just makes sense to me.

After each storm or event. I take stock in what I used, replace it and get ready for the next one.  I also look at what I used, learned and wanted or needed.  I stock up on those supplies too.  It just makes sense.

One thing that became apparent to me this past time was that if I can stock up or have time to prepare for an emergency then it hardly is an emergency at all.  It becomes just an event.  If I have a  plan then I am more at ease during the event and my family is too.  It just makes sense.

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