Saturday, August 11, 2012

Decisions, decisions....

Wow what a difference 5 days makes!  I last posted that we had found a home that would work for us and that we had turned in our forms.  All that is still true.  However.....

We are not sure how we are going to sell our house.  We had a meeting with a realtor and she said that we would most likely have to bring money to the table when closing on our house for sale and that we couldn't ask for more than a really low amount and that would include: repainting a lot of the walls in our house and fixing the AC unit and repairing some other items as well.  We don't have the money to do all that right now. We also have a huge tax bill coming up in October that we have no money for and we have a few other bills that are smaller but still important.  Oh and did I tell you that we are planning for me to quit my job?  Uh yeah, we are.

So here is where we stand. We have a house we can't seem to get rid of and every time we turn around we have problems with it.  We have a couple major bills with huge amounts of money coming up on the horizon. We have three kids who will not be going back to school in the fall.  We have me who will be quitting her job which brings in over half of our monthly income into our house, not to mention that I also hold our health insurance and dental insurance.

What are we thinking?

First and foremost we are praying hard that everything will work out okay.  We have faith that God will provide for us our needs.

Secondly, we are thinking that if I stay home then I can not only work to manage our money a bit better than we do now, but I can also help my husband in his business and help to get it further than it is now.  With the stability that I can provide at home, we will feel less chaotic and less like we are up against a wall and being defeated with everything we attempt to do.

Does that make sense?  yeah, I know it doesn't but in some way to us it does.  So that is the plan.  For those panicked about health insurance, we are COBRAing my plan for a bit until we can get on another plan that will work for us.

What if it doesn't work out?  Well, I can always pick up another job, I have lots of irons in the fire now for a little bit of money trickling in here and there anyway.

If you are a praying person please pray for us that we may be able to take this leap of faith successfully and reap the benefits.  Thank you.

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