Sunday, January 15, 2012

Winter Preparedness - Mom Style

Last night I finished knitting another pair of wool socks.  These were for my middle child.  Before that pair I knitted a pair of wool socks for my husband.  He was excited because most of the socks I have knitted have been for me or my kids.  This was his first pair.  This morning I was thinking about starting a fire in the fireplace an finishing another project.  This project is a quilt for my son.  I just have to finish quilting it and sew the border on.

This got me thinking about winter prepping and the things I do to make sure that we are prepared for winter but in an economical way.  Right now we are tight on money.  I think I posted about this in another post earlier.  Anyway, I like to work with my hands and I enjoy making things.  When I can make something for my family with my hands and be economical about it AND be prepping at the same time, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  In the winter I tend to want to knit, crochet, sew and quilt.  I like to make things that will keep or make us warm.  I like to put the "love" in it while I am making it with my hands.  This all makes me feel good.

Do you prep differently in the winter than in the summer?  What does your Mom Style prepping look like in the winter?

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