Sunday, October 30, 2011

My New Scrap Room

I can't be more excited. I love my new space. After much thought and more thought and then discussion we decided to let me have the dining room as my space. I am closer to the kids who hang out in the living room and I am close to the kitchen so I can cook and such in there and slip into my scrap room and work on a project or two also.

I have a few pictures of my new scrap room.

Here is my new armoire I got from the Goodwill yesterday. It is solid wood and I love love love this piece.
New Armoire

This is the inside. The top of the armoire holds all my paper. My kits and inks are on the top shelf. Below is two 12x12 drawer sets with more paper in it. (and that isn't all my paper)

Inside Armoire - paper paper paper

In the bottom drawer is my cuttlebug and baby bug.

Cuttlebug drawer

The very bottom drawer holds empty albums and some of my ribbon.

lower drawer with albums

Then we have more "views" of the room. It is no where near being "done". I still have some sorting and straightening and putting away but it is so much better than this morning.

Looking from the living room

looking towards the kitchen

This is a big file cabinet that we have had for a while now.

File cabinet

The top drawer has embellies and stamps in it.

Top of File cabinet

The bottom drawer has alphabets and more smaller paper packs and pads. 8x8s 6x6s, and 4x6.

Bottom drawer of File Cabinet

And of course my desk, complete with a project on it already. I just had to play for a few minutes tonight.

My desk by the window

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