Monday, October 31, 2011

I need a plan....

I am getting a bit frustrated and I know what my problem is.  Well, I have several problems I think.

First: My food storage is dwindling and that is because we are eating it.  I stock up and that is all good but then I don't feel the need to go to the grocery store because we have all this food in the house.  So we eat it until it starts dwindling away and then I realize we have just eaten our food storage. UGH!  I need to work on a better plan.

Second: I am trying to bite off more than I can chew right now.  I need to focus.  I am trying to get my 72 hour bags, my food storage, and our other emergency supplies all accomplished at the same time.  This is taking way too much energy, time, and money. UGH! I need to take baby steps.

Third: Along the same lines as the second problem, I am trying to complete a task in one sitting.  I want to get the 72 hour bag all done.  Done with clothes, food, water, other supplies.  All done at once.  This takes a lot of money if we don't have it just laying around plus, if it is laying around then I tend to steal from it also.  For example.  We have some flashlights in the house.  So I put one flashlight in each bag.  That is five bags.  Now we have no more flashlights in the house.  They are all in the bags.  What if we need a flashlight?  Well then we go get one out of the bag. {sigh} That is not what those bags are for.  So I can't use what we have unless it is totally extra stuff we don't need.  I have to buy 5 flashlights.  I don't want dinky ones because in an emergency then I want a flashlight that will work.  I will NEED it to work.  So 5 flashlights is expensive.  And that is just flashlights!!!  How about those backpacks that we need? UGH!  I need to work on this plan.

Fourth: I am all talk and no game apparently.  I know what I want to do, get done, and where I want to be with my preps but I never seem to be able to get this whole movement off the ground.

Fifth:  I don't have anyone else on board with me.  My kids don't count.  They are in their own little worlds right now.  My husband, while on board with the whole idea of prepping, is off in a different direction than I am.  He is looking for land in the country where we can move to.  I am not ready for that yet.  He says that we need to be more self sufficient.  He wants farmland.  He wants chickens, fruit trees, and land to farm have a big garden which I will take care of.   I am trying to focus on food storage and emergency bags.  He wants the big picture.  I am not ready to pack my family up and toss our world upside down.  Now that the kids would notice!

So I am thinking---------  I need a plan.  I need to go back to basics and focus on one thing at a time.  I just need to decide what that one thing is right now.

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