Monday, October 17, 2011

Do you watch Glen Beck?

Over the past several years I have watched Glen Beck.  Sometimes I think he is a bit over the top but other times I think he is spot on politically.  Recently he has moved from Fox News Channel to his own internet based program.  I have yet to subscribe but I do watch the snippets that he posts on his other websites.

Last Thursday he did a show on preparing.  I don't know exactly why he is telling us to prepare, again, because I haven't subscribed.  But I do know one thing, he posted portions of his program on a couple different blogs and websites.  If you search around a bit you can see some parts of his program, but this is the jist of it.  He posted on his website this post which I find very interesting.  He does go on to allude to our economy collapsing or that there may even be some violence and looting in some places.  Actually he says no place will be immune from some sort of something.

He gives us a great list of things to think about when preparing too.

One thing I found interesting is under money he states that we should gather gold, cash, cigarettes and liquor.  He says the last two items will be great for trading.  He says that our economy will return to a barter system and even if we don't have items to barter we may have skills to barter with.  He encourages us to work to learn skills that were "lost" in recent years like mending, sewing, canning, etc.

I have always been concerned which is why I started this blog.  Mainly to express my feelings and not make myself start to sound like a "freak" amongst my coworkers, friends, and family.  I can tell you all what I am thinking and in essence get it out of my system.  However, I am now really beginning to get a bit scared.  There I said it, I am scared.  This fear is making me make lists, print out food storage recipes, and begin to get super serious about saving money.

We have a big expensive family vacation coming up that the family is looking forward to but I am wondering if we should scale it back and perhaps save that money that we would have spent and invest it in more food storage. 

How are you all feeling right now?  Tell me what you are doing.  Is this something that you are beginning to worry about?  Are you getting scared like me?

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