Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finished the Sweater

FINALLY!! It only took me almost 6 weeks to complete. That is way too slow for me. By the time I finish the next one it will be too warm to wear. I finished my son's sweater, and now I have the two girls to do.

I used Vanna's Choice yarn (2- 7oz skeins of Olive and 1/2 - 3.5oz skein of espresso). I used the Bernat pattern here "Berella 4-sweaters for the family". I didn't use a third color as I just wanted one small stripe on the collar and on the cuffs. This was an easy pattern to knit. The front and back was quick and the pattern was very easy to read. The only slow part were the sleeves which took longer because I had to count.

The sweater is a bit big. They have a child's size and then an adult size. My son needed the 10-12 size for kids but they had child's 6-8 and then adult small. So I opted for the adult small and he will grow into it.

Last year I knitted him a sweater using the Lion Brand Homespun yarn. A bulky yarn and the sweater knitted up quickly, however when it was washed the first time the yarn got matted up and looked horrible. I am hoping that this yarn will faire better in the wash. Thanks for reading and happy crafting.


  1. You are such a crafty girl...I can honestly say I will probably never knit a sweater. Just not into it! You did a great job!

  2. awesome!!!...wish i knew how to knit or crochet...