Saturday, December 13, 2008

Taking Stock!

This year has come and gone. But not without crafty excitement, disappointment, and well stuff happened.

So I decided to take some stock in what I have accomplished and learned this year.

1. I started out the year with a goal to quickly get my Disney World album scrapped so I wouldn't forget a single moment. Turns out we took over 850 photos and well they were just so good. It took me 11 months and 3 albums to complete this project but I stayed true to my goal and didn't scrap a thing until I was done this album!

2. Since I decided to commit to completing the Disney album before I scrapped anything else, I had to find an outlet for my scrapping creativity. I mean there are only so many Mickey Mouses and princesses you can handle before you burst. SO I started cardmaking! This mini obsession turned into something oh so much more than I expected. Both good AND bad.

3. On the Ides of March (an omen???) I joined All Moments Remembered message board and have loved hanging out there. BUT it started and fueled this cardmaking thing. I saw so many talented people and their projects and well, they just looked so enticing that I had to try my hand. I pulled out the stamps (I hadn't stamped in years) and started playing. Well......that brings me to #4.......

4. I became obsessed with stamping. I seemed to have some old school stuff but nothing new and fresh. So I started shopping the $1 spots at Michaels and Joannes. Well, I became obsessed. I mean, they are only $1 right??? Well with stamps you need ink and with ink you need paper and then you need card stock and envelopes.... are you getting my drift????

5. When we started going to the river for a weekend retreat I never realized it would become a crafty outlet for me. They had a craft show and I signed up for it. I did well, but that led me to other things too.

6. I began making hair bows and selling them at the local pharmacy up the street (a good thing)

7. We got a dog and then I started making dog biscuits, fun but not a big seller and my dog can only handle so many cookies.... But I started making dog toys and pulls and tugs too, fun but I have a big box full of them.

8. I have knitted more washclothes than I care to count. BUT I use them all!!!

9. I have knitted a bunch of scarves, amigorami animals, and crocheted too!

10. Christmas balls, they were fun and I hope everyone likes them for Christmas.

11. Did I mention I finished my Disney album??? yes, just 1 month before we go again! I have also scrapped approximately 25 more pages for the family album too this year, BUT I am still 4 years behind and have only scrapped 4 years total in the 6 years I have been scrapbooking. I will never catch up!!! 4 years in 6 years???? Time is going backwards.....

12. I took over my daughter's bedroom when she moved in with my other daughter and shared a room for a while. The scrap space was nice but she wanted her room back and now I am relegated back in a corner of the family room.

13. I have learned that crafting for craft shows are fun but you never make any money, so it isn't a lucrative business, however I enjoy it and will probably do it again next year.

14. I have evolved in my style and breadth of paper crafting. I find I enjoy it even though I am not an artist or have any true talent, I can scraplift, cardlift, and basically copy others (not for sale) and enjoy the process.

Now I need to start thinking of some goals for next year..... more to come...

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